Mary Beloff
Senior Global Research Fellow
Wilf Hall Room 516

Dr. Mary Beloff is Professor of Law at the University of Buenos Aires where she became the first woman to hold a Chair in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in 2013. She regularly teaches courses and seminars on theory of punishment and human rights, criminology, gender and criminal justice, and child rights and juvenile justice. As visiting professor in different Latin-American Universities, Prof. Beloff was delegated with the responsibilities of providing continuing education to judges, prosecutors, public defenders and NGOs’ members for years; and as a legal advisor on criminal justice and human rights matters to various Latin American governments and international organizations (UNICEF, IDB, UNOPS, ILANUD, OAS, UNDP), she has been involved in the process of adopting international human rights law at the domestic level through legal and institutional reforms all over the region. Prof. Beloff is responsible for drafting many of the modern Latin-American legislations on child protection and juvenile justice, as well as adversarial criminal procedure codes in several countries.

Her research at NYU will focus on the justification of punishment in international human rights law.


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