Michael Beckwith
Human Rights Scholar

Michael Beckwith is a first year JD student at NYU Law working as a Human Rights Scholar on the Prevention Project. Michael received his B.A. with honors in Political Science and Philosophy, Politics, and Law from Binghamton University (SUNY) in 2017. Michael’s undergraduate education focused on how to apply moral theory to political issues and on the dynamics of political conflict in ethnically stratified societies. He wrote his seminar paper on the dynamics of peace maintenance in post-conflict nations in Africa where the warring factions were divided along ethnic lines.

After graduating in 2017, Michael worked for one year as a paralegal in plaintiff-side mass tort litigation at Weitz & Luxenberg in Manhattan. Cases included mass torts in drug and medical device litigation and environmental litigation. Following his year and Weitz & Luxenberg, Michael spent two years working as a trial preparation assistant in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. During this time, Michael worked primarily in Manhattan Mental Health Court, an alternative to incarceration for criminal defendants dealing with severe mental illness as defined by the DSM-V.

Michael’s career goal is to work in international law, focusing on how constitutional systems and policy matrices can be developed as institutional bulwarks against a resumption of violence in post-conflict societies.


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