Philip Dalgarno
Human Rights Scholar

Philip Dalgarno is a first-year JD candidate interested in international law, particularly transnational litigation and arbitration. He is assisting Professor Margaret Satterthwaite with her research into the influence of international law on the implementation of the right to water and sanitation in national constitutions and case law across Africa. He is also volunteering with the Identity Documents Project.

Philip graduated from NYU, cum laude, in 2015 with a double major in French & Linguistics and European & Mediterranean Studies, as well as a minor in History. His undergraduate research focused on the development of nationalism in minority-language communities in the South of France and was recognized with the European and Mediterrean Studies Prize. After graduation, he worked at a French-American online apartment rental company and then in Business Development at Sullivan & Cromwell, covering a wide variety of practice areas including infrastructure, project finance, Latin America, litigation and arbitration. Philip is originally from Brookline, Massachusetts, and is proficient in French.


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