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Joint submission regarding human rights harms associated with the privatization and commercialization of healthcare in Kenya

On October 27, 2022, twenty civil society organizations wrote to United Nations human rights experts to express concerns about privatization and commercialization of healthcare in Kenya. The submission cites documentation of ongoing and potential future violations of human rights, and requests that the experts formally raise these issues with the Kenyan government as well as


Why is the U.S. trying to export its flawed health-care policies around the world? (The Washington Post)


Privatizing Healthcare is Failing Kenyans (Africa Uncensored)


Taarifa kwa Vyombo vya Habar: Kenya – Ubinafsishaji Unahujumu Upatikanaji wa Huduma ya Afya

Kenya: Ubinafsishaji Unahujumu Upatikanaji wa Huduma ya Afya Makundi ya haki yaonya kuwa huduma ya afya ya kibinafsi inaathiri wengi, kufuja rasli mali za umma Nairobi (Novemba 17, 2021) – Hatua ya serikali kuunga mkono upanuzi wa huduma ya afya ya kibinafsi nchini Kenya imesababisha kutengwa na kurudisha nyuma hatua za kutimiza malengo ya afya


Press Release: Kenya – Healthcare Privatization Undermining Access to Care

Kenya: Healthcare Privatization Undermining Access to Care Rights groups warn private healthcare is failing many, draining public resources Nairobi (November 17, 2021) – Government-backed expansion of the private healthcare sector in Kenya is leading to exclusion and setting back the goal of universal health coverage, said two rights groups in a report released today. National [...]


Amicus Brief to the Inter-American Court for Manuela v. El Salvador

On March 5, 2021, the Professor Philip Alston and Leah Motzkin submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights regarding the case of Manuela v. El Salvador. This brief examines how the harm that Manuela, a young woman living in poverty in El Salvador, suffered is the entirely foreseeable result of


Global Vaccine Apartheid and Human Rights in the Time of COVID

About the event The pandemic will not be overcome anywhere until it is overcome everywhere. Vaccine nationalism, however, has overwhelmed COVID-19 inoculation programs. As a result, vaccine programs are amplifying global inequalities in access to healthcare. How can we move from vaccine apartheid to programs based on human rights and global justice? Two global experts [...]


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