The Future of Human Rights Practicum

The traditional human rights paradigm is ill-equipped to deal with the simultaneity, speed, and depth of existential challenges to human rights, like climate change, technological disruption, democratic backsliding, deepening social inequalities, and geopolitical instability. The Future of Rights (FOR) Practicum equips students with forward-looking ideas and professional skills that offer responses to those challenges and provides opportunities to apply them to advocacy and litigation projects with human rights organizations around the world. Ongoing projects include: rights-based climate litigation in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and South and Southeast Asia; research and advocacy with leading organizations advocating within the United Nations to promote international human rights as a means to counter the erosion of democracies around the world; advocacy and litigation against corporate actors driving the climate and biodiversity crises; and environmental justice and Indigenous rights advocacy and litigation in the Amazon and Caribbean regions. Students will be involved in a range of activities that will prepare them to practice international human rights in a rapidly changing context, from collaborative fieldwork with impacted communities to strategic litigation to new forms of data gathering and communications enabled by digital technologies.

César Rodríguez-Garavito
CHRGJ Chair and Faculty Director
Professor of Clinical Law

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