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The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice is a leading action-research hub that contributes to the global human rights project through scholarship, education, field building, advocacy, and legal practice. Across a wide range of issue areas and projects, we collaborate closely with partners from diverse geographies and disciplines on the new ideas, practices, and strategies that are needed to address existential challenges to human rights and global justice.

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We nurture ideas, actions, and connections that promote rights-based solutions to ecological emergencies, technological disruptions, deepening inequalities, threats to democracy and peace, and other urgent challenges to global governance and justice. We pursue initiatives that expand and catalyze the collective capacity of the human rights field. We deepen collaborations among communities of thought and practice from around the world, train future human rights thinkers and doers, and disseminate promising approaches to global justice research and advocacy.

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Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Earthly Flourishing Conference

More than Human Rights

This interdisciplinary conference will bring together scholars and practitioners from diverse fields and disciplinary backgrounds, including the social sciences, law, natural sciences, philosophy and the arts, to explore the concept of more-than-human rights from various angles.

Call for Papers

Ayiti Kanpe Min


Ayiti Kanpe Min: Mining Free Haiti Campaign

Global Justice Clinic

This newly launched website is a repository for activists, organizations, and Haitian people and their allies more broadly. It ensures that the opinions and voices of Haitian people come up in any due diligence search of mining in Haiti, making their organizing and resistance more visible.

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Poor Enough for the Algorithm?

Technology & Human Rights

This episode of Transformer States explores Jordan’s Poverty Targeting System in a conversation with Hiba Zayadin, a senior researcher in the Middle East and North Africa division at Human Rights Watch.

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