Whether through its clinics, or a series of fellowships, or programs, the Center introduces students to the practice of human rights and equips them with the knowledge and experience needed to play meaningful roles in international organizations, governments, advocacy groups, and social movements during and after their legal education.

Human Rights Scholars Program

Join the Center as a research assistant for specific projects in this semester-long program. Open to all NYU Law students. Additional RA positions are also posted throughout the year.

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Transitional Justice Leadership Program

Apply to become a Transitional Justice Scholar and engage with renowned experts through coursework, scholarship, and facilitated internships. Open to incoming NYU Law LLM students.

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Emerging Scholars Conference

Submit a paper to this annual Conference, organized with the Institute for International Law and Justice. Open to all NYU Law students.

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Compete in one of the exciting international moot competitions coordinated by the Center. Eligibility varies by competition, but options are available for all NYU Law students.

International Law & Human Rights Fellowship

Apply to the ILHR program, which offers summer or fall internship placements with human rights organizations, specialized training, and the opportunity to hone your research skills. Open to all NYU Law students.

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Summer Internship Program

Join the Center for a full-time, 10-week summer internship working with our team on advocacy and research projects. Law students or recent law graduates from any university are eligible to apply.

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One of the great advantages for me in being involved in United Nations human rights is that I am based here at NYU with students who are very keen to work on the relevant issues, who want to get the exposure, get the experience.

Professor Alston on integrating NYU students into his UN work.

One of the most important things is turning the human rights-based approach on ourselves to make sure that we do our work in a way that advances the human rights of the people we’re working with.

Professor Satterthwaite on the philosophy of the Global Justice Clinic.

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