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About us

About Us The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) was established in 2002 to bring together and expand the rich array of teaching, research, clinical, internship, and publishing activities undertaken within New York University School of Law on issues of international human rights law.   Over two decades later, CHRGJ is a leading [...]



Enroll in one of the numerous human rights-related doctrinal and practical courses offered by NYU’s extensive international law department. Widen your horizons by taking classes at different NYU campuses.


Law Students for Human Rights

Join a student-run organization that offers mentoring, internship, and educational programs to help you shape your own human rights experience.


Partner Centers and Institutes

NYU is home to many centers and institutions, including CHRGJ, the International Law and Justice Institute, and the Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights.


Does Jair Bolsonaro commit crimes against humanity by devastating the Amazon rainforest?


International Law and Human Rights Emerging Scholarship Conference

Submit a paper to our annual Emerging Scholarship Conference, organized by CHRGJ and IILJ. Open to NYU Law students in all programs and years.


ILHR Fellowship Program

Apply to a program that provides summer internships with leading human rights organizations, specialized training, and the opportunity to hone your research skills. Open to NYU Law 1L, 2L, LLM, and JSD students.


Our fellowships and solidarity activities are supported primarily by donations and grants. The funds go toward equipping students and partners around the world with the tools to prevent, challenge, and redress human rights violations. We envision a world where every person has the freedom to live authentically without fear or want, enjoys the protection of law and justice, and thrives on a livable planet for present and future generations.

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