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January 31, 2018     |    Margaret L. Satterthwaite, John Emerson

A toolkit to introduce researchers to topics and principles of data visualization for human rights that can be used on its own or as a data visualization workshop activity.

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Working Papers (Archived)
October 16, 2012     |    Sandra Liebenberg

Working Paper No. 12 (2005) by Sandra Liebenberg

Working Papers (Archived)
January 20, 2008     |    Margaret L. Satterthwaite, Annjette Rosga

Working Paper No. 20 (2008) by Margaret Satterthwaite and Annjette Rosga

Working Papers (Archived)
January 18, 2008     |    Iulia Voina Motoc

Working Paper No. 18 (2008) by Iulia Voina Motoc

Working Papers (Archived)
January 9, 2006     |    Roger Hood
Working Papers (Archived)
January 2, 2006     |    Tara J. Melish

Working Paper No. 2 (2006) by Tara J. Melish

Working Papers (Archived)
January 1, 2006     |    Louise Arbour

Working Paper No. 10 (2006) by Louise Arbour


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