Earth Rights Advocacy Clinic

The Earth Rights Advocacy Clinic (ERA) combines the tools and tactics of international environmental law and human rights to preserve the conditions for life on Earth for current and future generations of humans and non-humans. Working closely with NGOs, scientists, lawyers, social movements, UN agencies, and grassroots communities from around the world, ERA students work on cases and projects involving creative litigation in multiple jurisdictions, transnational advocacy campaigns, and strategic research and communications.

ERA’s projects tackle existential challenges to environmental justice and human rights, including the climate emergency, the destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems, threats to Indigenous peoples’ rights and territories, the global pollution crisis, and large-scale cruelty to animals and other species. Projects usually entail a wide range of activities, including on-site fieldwork and data gathering, legal research, strategic planning with local and international networks, and creative communications and narratives work. Serving as strategic partners, legal advisers, counsel or co-counsel, ERA students conduct fieldwork with grassroots communities and local NGOs, contribute to the development of litigation tactics, help launch or nurture transnational advocacy networks and coalitions, and engage with scientists and experts in a wide range of institutions.


For more information about the Clinic and application instructions, please visit the NYU School of Law website.

César Rodríguez-Garavito
CHRGJ Chair and Faculty Director
Professor of Clinical Law
Arpitha Kodiveri
Research Director
Jacob Metz-Lerman
Research Scholar, Earth Rights Advocacy
Jacqueline Gallant
Litigation Associate, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Carlos Andrés Baquero-Díaz
Research Assistant
Melina De Bona 
Litigation Associate, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Ayisha Siddiqa
Environmental Research Advocacy Scholar
Ashley Otilia Nemeth
Research Scholar and Project Supervisor
Ariel Sim
Human Rights & Regenerative Design Fellow
Current Projects
Climate Litigation Accelerator
Biodiversity and Rights
Pollution and Rights
Right to a Healthy Environment
Rights of Nature and the MOTH Project

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