Transitional Justice

The field of transitional justice deals with legal, moral, social, and political questions that arise in countries emerging from conflict or gross violations of human rights. In the aftermath of such atrocity, when ordinary justice systems are either unavailable or inadequate, governments and civil society have employed a variety of strategies to respond, including criminal trials, truth commissions, institutional reforms, and reparations programs.

The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice has a longstanding commitment to this area, with teaching, research, conferences, and student field work addressing violations in countries as diverse as Sri Lanka, Iraq, Colombia and the United States. Known as a hub for the field, CHRGJ attracts exceptional LLM students to NYU from around the world to be part of our community as Transitional Justice Scholars.

Our Transitional Justice Program was founded by Paul van Zyl, former Executive Secretary of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and co-founder of the International Center for Transitional Justice, an organization that remains a close partner to CHRGJ. Since 2015, the Transitional Justice Program has been led by Pablo de Greiff, current UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparations, and guarantees of non-recurrence. Other CHRGJ faculty and staff bring their own valuable experience, including Faculty Director and Co-Chair Philip Alston, whose various related roles over the span of a 40-year human rights career include having served on a UN commission of inquiry into reports of violations in the Central African Republic.

Our Experts
Pablo de Greiff
Transitional Justice Program Director
Philip Alston
CHRGJ Director and Chair
John Norton Pomeroy Professor of Law

For a complete record of CHRGJ’s work on transitional justice, visit our searchable Document Center and News and Events archives.

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