Michelle Lobo

Michelle Lobo
Research & Litigation Fellow
The Earth Rights Research & Action

Michelle Lobo is a Research & Litigation Fellow at the Center’s Earth Rights Advocacy program, working closely on the More than Human Rights (MOTH) initiative to advance ecocentric stories and innovative legal strategies.

She has a JD from the University of Minnesota where she was a Dean’s Distinguished Scholar. She graduated cum laude, on the “A” Dean’s list, and was awarded the Robina Postgraduate Fellowship for public interest work. She has a BA in History from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, India.

She currently also works with the Fungi Foundation as their legal counsel and board Chair, and is passionately dedicated to its vision and mission. Her past work includes serving as a field researcher for the Delhi Legal Services Authority where she assisted in establishing India’s first All India Legal Aid Cell on Child Rights, and as a legal advisor with Amnesty International in the Philippines advising on issues relating to Universal Jurisdiction and the Rome Statute.