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The Guardian

The Telegraph
Thatcher’s bus privatisation legacy castigated by former UN adviser (2021)

The Mirror
UK bus system ‘expensive, unreliable and dysfunctional’ and a key factor in poverty (2021) 

Glasgow Times
Bus services ‘falling apart’ report warns as Glasgow group wants public ownership (2021) 

Yorkshire Post
UK bus services ‘scaled back dramatically’ since privatisation, says former UN inspector (2021) 

The National
Scotland and UK privatised bus services condemned as ‘dysfunctional’ in US report (2021) 

The Tribune
The Scandal of Britain’s Privatised Buses (2021)

Oxfam EQUALS Podcast
Buses and the Inequality Crisis  (2021) 

The Star
Kenya being pushed to privatize health – report (2021) 

De-facto privatization of health in Kenya limits access, says report (2021) 

The Standard
How Kenyans fund private healthcare to their poverty, early graves (2021) 

Spice FM
The Impact of Privatizing Healthcare in Kenya (2022) 

Oxfam EQUALS Podcast
Will the Pandemic Change Healthcare Forever? (2021) 

Big Issue North
Why don’t we just… take public control of our buses? (2021) 

The Herald
Scotland’s Bus Crisis: Privatised service isn’t working for passengers (2021) 

The Daily Nation
Too Much Faith in Private Health Sector is Misplaced (2021)

Africa Uncensored
Privatizing Healthcare is Failing Kenyans (2021) 

The Washington Post
Why is the U.S. trying to export its flawed health-care policies around the world? (2022) 

Open Global Rights
Stealth privatization: Kenya’s approach to universal health coverage is a private sector giveaway (2022)

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