The Center is committed to welcoming visiting professors, scholars, and mid-career professionals engaged in critical and innovative research in the fields of human rights and global justice. A number of post-graduate opportunities are available for those not currently enrolled in or otherwise affiliated with NYU School of Law.


Please consult the opportunities listed below to determine eligibility and application requirements. Further questions can be directed to Lauren Stackpoole, Director of Operations and Academic Programs.

Scholars in Residence

Scholars in Residence at CHRGJ are academics and researchers from all over the world who are engaged in critical and innovative research in the fields of human rights and global justice. Scholars can live at the Center for up to a year and work on their research projects related to one of CHRGJ’s areas of work.
During their stay, scholars are expected to contribute to CHRGJ’s human rights community and networks by getting involved in our lines of work and creating new knowledge in written and other forms.
Within the limits imposed by the pandemic, the Center can provide:

  • Virtual or desk space;
  • Visa sponsorship;
  • Access to university resources;
  • A collegial research atmosphere;
  • Opportunity to mentor and work with interns, staff, and fellow visiting scholars through projects, workshops, conferences, and other activities.

Please note, this is not a funded residency.

CHRGJ is working to create a global professional and academic environment that is supportive of members from all backgrounds through several actions:

  1. We are pursuing initiatives that advance the inclusion, rights claims, and scholarship of underrepresented groups and geographies. Our programs seek to expand the participation of such groups and geographies, especially Black, Indigenous, people of color, and other communities that have been affected by different kinds of discrimination at the local, regional, and global levels.
  2. We are working to create an inclusive, accessible environment.

CHRGJ is made up of diverse members who represent different backgrounds and perspectives. Thus, we ask that applicants describe particular elements of their background and/or identity that will contribute uniquely to the composition of the Center.

Application Instructions

At this time we are not accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year. Please stay tuned to this page and our newsletter for updates about upcoming application cycles.

Current Scholars

  • Anna MacDonald

    Practitioner in Residence

  • Carly Krakow

    Scholar in Residence, Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Jeremy Perelman

    Scholar in Residence, Spring 2023

  • Joyce de Connick

    Scholar in Residence, Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Mihreteab Taye

    Scholar in Residence, Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Neli Frost

    Scholar in Residence, Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Nora Naji

    Scholar in Residence, Spring 2023

  • Oren Tamir

    Scholar in Residence, Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Verena Kahl

    Scholar in Residence, Fall 2022

Previous Scholars

  • Catherine Powell

    Scholar in Residence

  • Edward Bechard-Torres

    Scholar in Residence

  • Konstantin Korkelia

    Scholar in Residence

  • Julia Emsteva

    Scholar in Residence

  • Uche Ewelukwa

    Scholar in Residence

  • Masoud Noori

    Scholar in Residence

  • Paula Fernandez-Wulff

    Scholar in Residence

Hauser Global Fellows

CHRGJ accepts up to three fellows per year through New York University’s Hauser Global Law School Program. Fellows interested in applying for this opportunity may refer to the following guidelines, deadlines, and application procedures. If you would like to be based at CHRGJ, you must note this interest on your application.


A merit-based stipend of up to $45,000 may be offered to select postdoctoral fellows. More information on financial support eligibility can be found on the Hauser Global Law website.


Please send your application materials as specified in the link above to the Hauser Global Law program to be considered for this program.

Scholars at Risk

NYU School of Law offers the option of hosting at-risk scholars through the SAR/Vivian G. Prins fellowship for a short-term, temporary visiting position at CHRGJ for a semester or an academic year.. Please note that applications must be submitted by CHRGJ, based on our recommendation/nomination of those applicants it wishes to invite for sponsorship as visiting fellows with the Center.


Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis until available funds are committed. The fellowships are provided by the Provost’s Office, thanks to the generous support of the Vivian G. Prins Foundation, to support the work of the Scholars at Risk Network, an international network of higher education institutions working to promote academic freedom and to defend threatened scholars worldwide. Scholars at Risk is headquartered at NYU.

Application Information

Please submit the following to apply:


1. Your most recent curriculum vitae and two references.

2. A cover letter describing your background and qualifications for placement as an at-risk scholar with CHRGJ.

3. A 3-5 page proposal outlining the research project you intend to undertake while at CHRGJ. The statement should explain how the project will add to the body of human rights knowledge and scholarship at the Center.


Outline your qualifications to complete this research; and describe the methods and time frame you will use to carry out the project.

Please make sure to emphasize any relevance your project may have to the Center’s current projects and programs. Although the Center welcomes proposals on any human rights-related topic, strong preference will be given to those candidates whose work feeds directly into the theme and related project areas the Center is known for.

Please also highlight any additional resources you are prepared to provide as a Scholar in Residence (e.g., willingness to mentor interns, guest lecture, take part in Center conferences, workshops, and events, etc.,)


4. Send your complete application package electronically to CHRGJ’s Director of Operations and Academic Programs, Lauren Stackpoole (


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Applications that do not follow the guidelines outlined above will not be considered. Applicants who meet the above criteria will be directed to Scholars at Risk for the next stage of the application process, where information about risk and other considerations will be gathered.


Please do not contact the Scholars at Risk Program directly with your application, as the program requires an institutional nomination from the Center directly.

Visa Assistance

CHRGJ can provide visa support to selected scholars in cases where they require a visa to work in the US. Please also review general information about document requirements for different kinds of visas available for scholars at NYU.


Once appointed as a Scholar in Residence, you will be prompted to provide various materials to Center staff who will help you to process your immigration requirements.


Please be prepared to allow several weeks to months for this process to be completed and begin your application process as early as possible to guarantee a timely start of your residence.